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The world of construction is always evolving – and Arabian Profile constantly strives to anticipate the fast-changing needs of the marketplace. The modern UAE is increasingly known for architectural innovation and this is also the hallmark of our company.

Research and development is key. Our development of new cladding solutions – lighter, faster, more efficient – is helping to push the boundaries of construction techniques.

Our use of composite materials in particular offers up evermore possibilities of shape, form and function – exciting new concepts which further enhance APL’s reputation for creative engineering solutions.
Craftsmanship, quality and innovation are staple ingredients of Arabian Profile’s success – and they will remain our core values as we continue to push the architectural envelope of the UAE.

For additional information on any aspect of Arabian Profile please contact our office.

Arabian Profile Company Limited
PO Box: 3195, Sharjah, UAE
Tel: 971 6 543 2624,
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